Human rabies has left 12 people dead in PA; SP is on alert

Human rabies has left 12 people dead in PA;SP is on alert

Community victims in the Marajó Archipelago, over 100 animal rabies cases put São Paulo on alert

Animals are being vaccinated in Pará to contain outbreakState Department of Health of ParáAt least 12 people have died of human rabies since the beginning of the year in the poor community of Melgaço, in the Marajó archipelago of Pará, the municipality with the lowest HDI in Brazil.So far, 14 cases have been reported and seven laboratory confirmed by the Evandro Chagas Institute and the Pasteur Institute.Technicians from the Department of Health of Pará remain in the region until July, doing research and prevention work.About 30 days ago no new or suspected cases were registered and the Secretariat considers the situation under control.Health experts say the poor sanitary conditions of the community are contributing to the outbreak of rabies in the city, where people are so poor they can't even afford to put up screens on windows, preventing bats from entering.Most of the inhabitants live on stilts, with outdoor sewage.The Ministry of Health reported that Brazil is c...

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