Protesters besieged in Nicaragua are released; one died

Protesters besieged in Nicaragua are released;one died

Pro-government activists surrounded students on Friday and spent the night shooting at the group.Clashes have left more than 300 dead

Students were besieged by pro-government forcesOswaldo Rivas / Reuters / 14.7.2018Dozens of protesters against the government of Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua who were besieged in a church were released and escorted to the center of the capital, Managua, on Saturday (14).One young man was shot to death during the siege promoted by pro-government activists.Students took refuge in the Church of Divine Mercy on Friday after loyal Ortega snipers began firing at them on the campus of Nicaragua's Autonomous National University, sparking fresh criticism of the violent crackdown on opposition to their government.Paulo Abrao of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights said on Twitter that at least one young man died during the siege and three people were injured.The mother of a young woman who spent the night in church told Reuters that a student had died.Local media even reported that two people died.See tooOAS meets to address wave of violence in NicaraguaAt least 212 people ki...

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