Bus breaks and is pushed by passengers in BH; Watch the video

Bus breaks and is pushed by passengers in BH;Watch the video

RecordTV team followed a S20 line trip and recorded issues with users' travel

Passengers push vehicle in BHPlayback / RecordTV MinasOvercrowding and the condition of vehicles.These are some of the complaints from bus users in Belo Horizonte (MG).A video, released last week, caught a vehicle that crashed and needed to be pushed by passengers.The RecordTV team accompanied passengers from the S20 line, starting the trip in the Palmeiras neighborhood, in the western region of BH.All vehicles in the line are packed at peak times, which could be solved with larger buses available.In addition, passengers complain that drivers do not follow the timetable and that the collectives take too long to pass, so that those on their way to work are late.* R7 Intern, super...

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