Is the earth flat or round? Google Maps already has the answer

Is the earth flat or round?Google Maps already has the answer

Application received an update that changed how the planet is projected on the computer screen and thus lessened the distortions of countries and continents.

Google Maps now represents the earth as a sphere and not as a planePlayback / Google MapsThe latest Google Maps update has changed the way the Earth is projected on a computer screen.Now the planet is represented as a sphere and not as a flat rectangle.See tooWhat would the world be like if the earth were really flat, according to scienceNasa records heavy sandstorm that covered entire Mars“Space X will go to Mars in 10years, ”says astronaut Marcos PontesThe seemingly simple measure has a great effect.This is because it is impossible to perfectly reproduce the surface of a sphere in a plane.On a map of the earth on a screen or paper, regions near the Equator Line are preserved, but areas near the poles are not.With the new version, there are fewer distortions in size and distance between countries and continents.Greenland on the mapsGreenland is the largest island in the world, with an area of ​​over 2 million square kilometers, and is located in the northern hemis...

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