Vila Velha merchants have a year to end plastic straws. Understand!

Vila Velha merchants have a year to end plastic straws.Understand!

The measure aims to contribute to the preservation of the environment by reducing

Victory SheetVictory SheetBars, restaurants and street vendors will have a year to adapt to the new law prohibiting the use of plastic straws in Vila Velha.The goal is to protect the environment and marine animals that eat the material and end up dying.In the municipality, the mayor passed a law that prohibits the use of straws in bars, restaurants and in commerce.>> “Refuse the straw”: Campaign to abolish use wins social networks and reaches governments and companiesThe bill was approved by the city council and sanctioned by Mayor Max Filho.The straws should be replaced with biodegradable.The process of natural decomposition of plastic material can take up to 400 years, according to environmentalist Petrus Lopes.Petrus carries out actions to clean natural areas, and said such measures contribute to the maintenance of the environment.But for the positive impacts to be noticed soon, the population must also change some habits.Look:The law should only ...

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