Public tenders offer over 10,000 opportunities. See vacancies

Public tenders offer over 10,000 opportunities.See vacancies

Selective processes for different levels of education offer salary positions that exceed $ 10,000

Public tenders are a solution to get a jobMoacyr Lopes Junior / Folhapress - 10.01.2016Public tenders offer chances of getting back to the job market formally and on good terms.R7 has selected over 10,000 available vacancies across the country.One of the highlights is the contest for the Roraima Civil Police, which offers 330 vacancies with salaries that reach R $ 18 thousand.LiquigasJobs: 1,275Schooling: Elementary, Middle and HigherSalaries: up to R $ 4,890.00Registration fee: up to R $ 67,00Application deadline: 10/01/2018More informationMilitary Police (SP)Jobs: 270Schooling: MediumSalaries: up to R $ 3,100.00Registration fee: up to R $ 130,00Deadline for registration: until 24/09/2018More informationRegional Council of Psychology (SP)Vacancies: 7Education: HigherSalaries: up to R $ 6,200.00Registration fee: up to R $ 75,00Application deadline: up to 10/10/2018More informationJacareí City Hall (SP)Jobs: 110Schooling: Middle and HigherSalaries: up to R $ 3,650.00Regist...

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